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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Michael J. Havrilla, PhD


Electromagnetic material characterization of anisotropic media requires measurement diversity, minimal measurement uncertainty and insight into sample symmetry. Additionally, non-destructive characterization techniques are valued over legacy measurement techniques because a destructive approach requires sample preparation to execute a measurement. A Single Port Waveguide Probe (SPWP) non-destructive material characterization technique is proposed to accommodate measuring a metal backed, known thickness, rotated uniaxial anisotropic material. A rotated uniaxial sample possesses unique transverse constitutive components and a longitudinal constitutive component which is the same as one of the transverse values. The SPWP consists of a rectangular waveguide aperture cut in the center of a square angle. The angle is place upon a metal-backed material surface, which forms a parallel plate region. Two orthogonal transverse plane measurements aligned with the sample's transverse constitutive parameter components offers measurement diversity. A rotated uniaxial anisotropic parallel plate Green's function is developed and employed in a moment method forward model and is then used to extract the material constitutive parameters. Measured and simulated results are utilized to demonstrate the analytical approach and uncertainty is evaluated demonstrating system accuracy of the non-destructive rotated uniaxial anisotropic measurement technique.

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