Melih Eken

Date of Award


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Master of Science in Space Systems


Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

First Advisor

James L. Rutledge, PhD.


In recent years, due to their many advantages, interest in larger scale CubeSats, such as 3U and 6U, has been increased. Correspondingly, dissipating the heat from the heat generating components in the CubeSat has become a challenge for thermal control. In this research, a modular approach was developed to dissipate heat from the overheating components in a CubeSat. To accomplish this, both experimental and computational methodologies were used. A 6U CubeSat was computationally modeled and the model correlated by experimental test results. Subsequently, validated CubeSat thermal model was used to design a modular heat dissipater. Validation and performance experiments of the heat dissipater were conducted by using prototypes of the design. Finally, using the validated heat dissipater model, orbit performance predictions of the heat dissipater were conducted computationally. This heat dissipation technique was designed to prevent excessive temperatures for the heat-generating components and to minimize the heat flow into the CubeSat. Due to its modular approach, this design can be used in any 1U stack in a CubeSat.

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