Huseyin Mert

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Master of Science in Operations Research


Department of Operational Sciences

First Advisor

John O. Miller, PhD.


Military flight training is a long and costly process. Ensuring that the training aircraft are ready for flight is critical in processing pilots through training courses on schedule. Maintaining a high mission capable rate for training aircraft requires scheduled periodic maintenance and maintenance between sorties. Aircraft Ground Equipment (AGE) is used to service each aircraft to make it ready for the following flight. Having a sufficient amount of AGE available is critical, as cancelling or delaying sorties due to lack of AGE generally has a significant impact on the training schedule. This work analyzes the AGE support equipment used in the Advanced flight training squadron flightline and investigate how the changes in the mix of equipment, operational rates, failure rates, and the other modeled characteristics impact scheduled training sorties. To do this the Advanced flight training flightline is modeled in a discrete event simulation software package.

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