Shauna Young

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Master of Science in Cost Analysis


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Brandon M. Lucas, PhD.


The purpose of this research was to analyze influences on separation decisions of active duty Air Force financial management officers. Researchers tested nine variables to determine their separation implications. The tested variables were major command, age, prior enlisted service, spouse, commissioning source, AFIT cost analysis master’s degrees, engagement, crystallization of job alternatives, and exhaustion. Results proved that age, prior enlisted service, having a spouse, and being an Air Force Academy or AFIT graduate correlates to whether a financial management officer will separate from the Air Force. In addition, the engagement level or having a defined list of job alternatives readily available correlates to separation as well. Researchers recommend that Air Force leaders continue sending students to the Air Force Institute of Technology because AFIT graduates are remaining in the Air Force as long or longer than non-AFIT graduates are. Another recommendation is to increase the amount of commissioned service years that prior enlisted officers must serve from ten years to fifteen years. Requiring more years of commissioned service will help decrease the shortage of field grade officers in the financial management career field.

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