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Master of Science in Systems Engineering


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Logan O. Mailloux, PhD.


In today’s highly interconnected and technology reliant environment, systems security is rapidly growing in importance to complex systems such as automobiles, airplanes, and defense-oriented weapon systems. While systems security analysis approaches are critical to improving the security of these advanced cyber-physical systems-of-systems, such approaches are often poorly understood and applied in ad hoc fashion. To address these gaps, first a study of key architectural analysis concepts and definitions is provided with an assessment of their applicability towards complex cyber-physical systems. From this initial work, a definition of cybersecurity architectural analysis for cyber-physical systems is proposed. Next, the System Theory Theoretic Process Analysis approach for Security (STPA Sec) is tailored and presented in three phases which support the development of conceptual-level security requirements, applicable design-level criteria, and architectural-level security specifications. This work uniquely presents a detailed case study of a conceptual-level systems security analysis of a notional aerial refueling system based on the tailored STPA-Sec approach. This work is critically important for advancing the science of systems security engineering by providing a standardized approach for understanding security, safety, and resiliency requirements in complex systems with traceability and testability.

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