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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Brett J. Borghetti, PhD.


Experimental Designs involving Simulated Task Environments aim to explore interesting conditions with human subjects. By using activity simulators such as IMPRINT, it may be possible to identify these conditions of interest without the need for human subjects. This thesis presents research that aims to demonstrate that IMPRINT can be used to predict human performance in a task environment representing the task performed by Network Analysts of the 33rd Network Warfare Squadron. The research is done by examining the task performed by the Network Analysts, and then designing a Simulated Task Environment modeled on this task. A model of the task performed is also built in IMPRINT. With a first iteration, it was found that the IMPRINT model was not able to predict performance in a majority of cases, however the methodology illustrates a starting point that others may use.

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