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Master of Science in Engineering Management


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Jeffrey C. Parr, PhD.


In 2013, the Department of Defense (DoD) required its services to implement advanced metering for the purpose of reducing energy usage (Department of Defense, 2013). Additionally, the DoD has aimed to improve its ability to assure a continuous energy supply to all of its installations. This study investigated processes for applying advanced meters on Air Force bases to increase energy assurance. This study also identified strategies for using advanced meters to influence infrastructure funding. This was accomplished through the use of extensive advanced meter data. The data was analyzed for outages and a procedure was created to locate outages in energy usage datasets by using means and standard deviations. Advanced meters with more frequent data collection were able to locate outages easier than meters with less frequent data collection. Advanced meters do not only reduce energy usage, but they also have the ability to report outages. By collecting outage data, funding can be applied to the least reliable electrical infrastructure.

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