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Master of Science in Cost Analysis


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Robert M. Eninger, PhD.


The research conducted in this thesis is an initial attempt to identify the costs associated with occupational exposure assessments within the Air Force. Using cost estimation methodologies, a cost model was created to predict the total costs of occupational hazard assessments focused on air sampling. Data was gathered from bioenvironmental engineering databases and subject matter experts for analysis. The data required extensive curation before running a mixed step-wise regression. The major cost drivers for occupational exposure assessments were identified as the sample time and pre-calibration time for conducting an air sample. The average predicted cost was $183.47 with 80% of predicted costs falling between $71.12 and $321.85. It was discovered that much of the data that is applicable to cost was unclear or unrecorded. As changes are implemented to the regulation for conducting these events, this research can provide decision support to Air Force leadership. The Air Force can also use this research’s findings to improve upon budgetary tracking and fiscal transparency.

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