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Master of Science in Cost Analysis


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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R. David Fass, PhD.


The role of decision support has emerged in the Air Force, Department of Defense, and in the civilian sector. With information being more accessible than ever before, the ability to analyze, interpret, and communicate information effectively and efficiently has become essential. While extensive resources are expended on growing the strength of decision support and analytical capability, the skills involved in presenting the data to decision makers is under-developed. Now more than ever, decision makers are being tasked with making huge decisions in short periods of time. With a shrinking workforce and greater reliance on automated systems, decision makers must use their limited time to rely on their trusted advisors to interpret and communicate all of this information accurately and objectively. While the analyst may understand the data, ultimately it is up to the decision maker to make an informed decision. If we incorporate storytelling into decision support presentations, we may improve the ability to request, defend, and justify resources within the Air Force and DoD.

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