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Master of Science in Engineering Management


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Brent T. Langhals, PhD.


The purpose of this research was to evaluate which existing RED HORSE vertical construction system was “best” suited for contingency operations and the relative pros/cons/challenges associated with each. RED HORSE units, having existed for over 50 years, currently have 4 active duty squadrons currently employed overseas in multiple military contingency environments. Based on site visits, it was established that the Ultimate Building Machine (UBM)/K-Span, Professionally Engineered Buildings (PEB), and the FrameCAD system are the three most prevalent vertical construction systems/methods in use by RED HORSE. Fourteen Subject Matter Experts (SME) from across the Air Force participated in a Delphi study to evaluate these construction methods and answer multiple rounds of questions. While no one system/method could be conclusively declared “the best”, the Delphi study did generate consensus around the pros, cons, and challenges of each of these contingency construction methods/systems. The results of this study will serve to inform RED HORSE commanders/planner decisions regarding the use of vertical construction methods/systems for current and future contingency operations.

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