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Master of Science in Engineering Management


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Diedrich Prigge V, PhD.


The purpose of this study is to manufacture and disseminate 37 photovoltaic test systems which will be located at various United States Air Force installations worldwide. The Air Force's goals in renewable energy are to determine the potential for systems to aid in promoting resiliency for an installation's energy demands. The test systems are designed to collect climate and power production data from each test site and associated photovoltaic cells. The overall goal of the test system data collection is to determine the correlation between power output of photovoltaic panels and the associated geographic region climate classification. This study does not include a complete analysis of the data as a full year of data has not yet been recorded. A full year of data, including all four seasons, is required for a proper analysis to be completed. The conclusion which can be drawn from this study is that the test systems performed as expected. Not including hardware malfunctions, the systems were able to measure all data as designed. Analysis was able to be completed on four months data which provided initial results and observations on the climate region's Performance.

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