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Master of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Department of Operational Sciences

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Matthew A. Douglas, PhD.


Air Mobility Command (AMC) is combatting manning mismatches with antiquated processes and equipment in Aerial Port operations, and has chosen to address these issues through an initiative called “Aerial Port of the Future.” This initiative is designed to understand challenges in Aerial Ports and implement technological tools, where appropriate, to aid AMC Airmen in their duties of transporting goods and personnel through military channels. Oftentimes, personnel are forced to utilize technology that may not meet their needs, and in turn may resist implementation of the imposed technology. Therefore, first, this research identifies potential technologies designed to improve Aerial Port efficiency and effectiveness. Next, through a survey of Aerial Port technicians, this study evaluates the attitudes and perceptions of personnel toward implementation and use of the selected technologies. Overall, the study provides AMC the necessary insight to increase the chances of successful implementation of “Port of the Future” technology.

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