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Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering


Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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Carl Hartsfield, PhD.


This research represents an experimental and computational analysis of additively manufactured injectors for Rotating Detonation Engines (RDEs) for use in rocket propulsion. This research was based on the manufacture and testing of existing injector element designs using additive techniques. The designs were modeled from geometries gathered from Sutton and Biblarz Elements of Rocket Propulsion [23]. The goal of this research was to characterize the viscous losses of each design based on the discharge coefficient. The designs were computationally simulated to gain insight to the flow characteristics using multiple sets of conditions for surface roughness and inlet pressure. The results were then compared to experimental results of similar conditions. Each design was then tested using pressurized water as a simulated propellant. The results show the viscous losses to be highly dependent on design and the relative roughness of the surface. For designs with areas of high relative roughness and L/D such that ow interaction is facilitated the surface roughness was shown to affect the discharge coefficient.

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