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Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering


Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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Marc D. Polanka, PhD.


The thesis presented here details the design, construction and initial testing of rig for use with high temperature film cooling testing. The film cooling rig was supplied with hot mainstream gas from a well-stirred reactor operating on a propane/air mixture capable of multiple equivalence ratios. The Hastelloy test plates contained an internal cooling channel to allow for overall effectiveness measurements. Thermocouples on both the freestream and internal surfaces of the test plate provided temperature differences for heat flux calculations. The test plates had a quarter circle leading edge with a tapered trailing edge to provide surface curvature for the film cooling studies. The height of the test channel could be adjusted for multiple Mach numbers to be set for the mainstream flow. Using a plate containing five rows of holes in trenches and two rows of showerhead holes, methodology was developed for collecting and analyzing the necessary data to obtain net heat flux reduction and overall effectiveness results. This methodology was then applied to the same plate to gather comparative results for reacting versus non-reacting film cooling.

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