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Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering


Department of Engineering Physics

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James E. Bevins, PhD.


An energy tuning assembly (ETA) was previously designed and built for the purpose of irradiating samples with a combination of a thermonuclear and a prompt fission neutron spectrum. Initial research was performed to characterize the performance of the ETA at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 88-Inch Cyclotron using 33 MeV deuteron breakup on tantalum as the neutron source. This research analyzes detector responses collected from three EJ-309 detectors used to characterize the ETA generated neutron field. A signal processing chain was developed to reduce the full waveform data into a pulse height spectrum. The primary goal was to develop a processing chain that optimized pulse shape discrimination performance to improve the discrimination between neutrons and gammas. It was found that the processing chain developed allowed for greater flexibility in determining the PSD parameters, which allowed for a greater degree of particle discrimination at low pulse heights.

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