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Master of Science


Department of Engineering Physics

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Rose Tseng, PhD.


Severe wind gusts and thunderstorms have been difficult to forecast in Africa. Traditional convective forecast tools (e.g. Total Totals Index, Lifted Index, K Index (KI) and Convective Available Potential Energy) do not accurately portray potential for thunderstorms in Africa. This research effort used the Gálvez-Davison Index (GDI), a convective index created for the tropics, and assess its applicability to northern Africa. GDI was produced for the Caribbean and Central America, and utilized temperature, moisture, mid-level stability, dry air entrainment and an elevation factor to calculate convective potential. In this research, GDI and KI were calculated using Global Forecast System (GFS) reanalysis data. K-means clustering was used to conduct an error analysis. These error values were then bootstrapped and confidence intervals were calculated using the bias-corrected and accelerated method. Results indicated GDI and KI had similar location error in both the intra-annual and intra-seasonal studies. In comparison with KI, GDI had lower area error values in the intra-annual study and in most convective synoptic cases with 95% confidence.

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