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Master of Science in Applied Physics


Department of Engineering Physics

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Anthony L. Franz, PhD.


The conventional Diffractive Plenoptic Camera (DPC) was developed as a system that would capture the spectral and spatial information of a scene in one snapshot. The conventional DPC couples a diffractive optic with plenoptic camera designs that provide snapshot spectral imaging capabilities but produce rendered images with low pixel count. A modified setup of the conventional DPC, the focused DPC, and a modified imaging algorithm, the refocused light field algorithm, were built and tested for the first time, and compared to the conventional DPC as methods that would increase the pixel count and improve rendered image quality. The focused DPC achieved the same cutoff spatial frequency, improved the contrast in comparison to the conventional DPC, and it shifted the wavelength at which peak performance occurred. The refocused light field algorithm improved the cutoff spatial frequency of the focused DPC, and improved the contrast of both the conventional and the focused DPC setups at wavelengths far from peak performance. The focused DPC was demonstrated as a system that improved performance as compared to the conventional DPC, and the refocused light field algorithm was demonstrated as a tool that could extend the imaging capabilities of both DPC setups.

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