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Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering


Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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Robert B. Greendyke, PhD.


Munitions are one of the Air Force's most effective weapons in eliminating targets, but also one of the most expensive. Due to the inherent high-cost in deploying munitions, munition shock wave detonation must be better observed and quantified for munitions to be more cost-efficient. PDV systems have the potential to achieve this quantification of shock wave properties on a molecular scale during solid-against-solid impacts. The overall goal of this research was to determine whether the current photonic Doppler velocimetry (PDV) system at Eglin Air Force Base is prepared for future explosive sensitivity testing. This determination was done through an uncertainty analysis of the PDV system's results. The PDV system was given shock detonation velocities comparable to experimental explosive detonation velocities to investigate how well the system performed. This thesis concluded that the current PDV system employed by the Advanced Initiation Sciences team, (Munitions Directorate, AFRL) is capable of explosive sensitivity testing. The errors from the data results shows the current PDV system is within reasonable range to measure molecular shock wave interaction, with the highest noise fraction percentage at 5.1 percent.

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