Application and Validation of Off-Nominal Aircraft Performance Models

Mark W. Vahle

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When faced with on-board system failures (i.e. control surface failures), recent developments in multistate design have shown great promise in improving system reliability through early stage design consideration of off-nominal performance. Accurately modeling the response to a control input typically requires a high-fidelity aerodynamic model and simulation routine with the ability to predict off-nominal aircraft performance. Presented in this research is a methodology to verify and validate off-nominal aircraft performance utilizing a low-cost open-source flight dynamics simulator (JSBSim). The central objective being a determination of the degree of accuracy in which one can model off-nominal performance in order to make early stage design decisions required by the multistate design process. Results indicate that nominal and off-nominal P and FQ could be predicted inside FAA simulator qualification criteria at low-cost and with a reasonable amount of effort.