A Systems Engineering Approach to Measuring Live, Virtual, Constructive Training Effectiveness and Performance

Andrew J. Roberts


The Department of Defense (DoD) is actively pursuing the use of Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) simulation to provide cost-effective training. However, the DoD lacks a credible means to adequately assess the e effectiveness of LVC simulation for meeting warfighting training needs. This research uniquely presents a Systems Engineering (SE) approach to conduct operational planning and assess execution of an LVC event, including a framework for identifying measures and evaluating the effectiveness of Command and Control (C2) training in an LVC environment. First, a survey of SE processes, relevant technical measures and current training evaluation techniques are presented. Second, processes necessary for a Distributed Mission Operations Center (DMOC) event are mapped and assessed through a SE lens. Next, a case study proposes and demonstrates an approach for understanding and evaluating LVC events in support of Air Combat Command's C2 operator training requirements. Last, case study results are examined to demonstrate the utility of the effectiveness measurements, gain insight, and offer suggestions for improving C2 training and evaluation. The culmination of this effort is the creation of a defensible set of C2 training measures for evaluating training performance and effectiveness in an LVC environment.