An Energy Benchmarking Categorization Scheme and Consumption Data Validation for Air Force Facilities

Mary C. Olive


The purpose of this research was to provide a proof of concept for an Air Force facility energy benchmarking program which utilizes the meter data currently available at installations. It also sought to explore the effectiveness of utilizing real property category labels as energy consumption peer groupings. Specifically, this thesis strove to answer three research questions regarding energy consumption data validity, and the ability Facility Analysis Codes and Category Codes possess in predicting facility energy consumption. These research questions were answered through an empirical approach, which included the statistical technique of analysis of variance. The results of this study demonstrated the validity of the energy consumption information currently available at Air Force installations, and its ability to form the basis a robust benchmarking program. It also revealed the limited effectiveness of applying real property labels as facility usage type categories. The culmination of this research effort was the identification of the category codes which do or do not accurately represent facility usage types as they relate to energy consumption.