The Financial Impact of Commercial Small Satellite and Small Launch Providers on the Department of Defense

Peter A. DeBois


The purpose of this research is to facilitate improvement of United States Air Force (USAF) Facility Maintenance and Repair (FM and R) performance through improved data analysis and visualization. There is not currently a standardized, efficient way to analyze USAF facility maintenance and repair performance. The USAF focuses on improving data collection but fails to provide FM and R leadership performance analysis tools or guidance. This research provides a framework to fill this void using the R programming language and R packages Shiny and ggplot2. This research uses FM and R data from four bases and looks at Manpower Output, Priority Impact, Facility Impact, and Scheduling Compliance at each base to provide a baseline of performance and a visual analysis of potentially influential factors. Using the analysis application, this research identifies inconsistencies between Preventive Maintenance priority and Preventive Maintenance execution, facilities requiring inordinate Corrective Maintenance, and excessive errors or omissions in data collection. As a remedy, this research recommends a greater emphasis on data analysis to improve FM and R performance and to improve data quality. The value of this research is in the usability and applicability to the FM and R leadership as a data analysis tool.