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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Alfred E. Thal, Jr., PhD.


The United States Air Force partially integrated the Mission Dependency Index (MDI) into its portfolio project selection model by assigning an MDI value to a facility type or real property category code (CATCODE) in lieu of assigning a unique MDI value to each facility through a structured interview process. This took an initial step to improve the Air Forces asset management practices; however, it failed to accurately capture the consequence of facility failure in some cases. Although a process to adjudicate the MDI value of individual facilities was created, it is still unknown how much the surveyed MDI value deviates from the CATCODE assigned MDI value and how this influences the Air Forces annual project portfolio selection model. The purpose of this research effort is to measure the deviation in MDI values produced from surveys and the adjudication process with the CATCODE assigned MDI values. It also uses a deterministic approach to portfolio decision analysis to determine the influence these surveyed and adjudicated MDI values have on the Air Forces project portfolio selection model. This research effort serves to provide insight to the Air Force Installation Mission Support Center and the Air Force Civil Engineer Center of the value and utility of surveyed and adjudicated MDI information when compared to their CATCODE assigned counterparts.

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