RSAF F-15 Reparable Items Capacity Planning & Execution

Naif H. Alatawi


This research focuses on improving the F-15 repair cycle processes in the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF). The current RSAF repair cycle capacity planning process has not been mapped and optimized. As a result, inventory management and asset turnaround times continue to impact the RSAFs ability to sustain mission readiness. Because the F-15 is the first line of Saudi Arabia's defense, it is essential that they be fully mission ready in the shortest time possible. That can be done by understanding the current relation between the depot supply directorate and the sources of repair (SOR) available to RSAF in the United States (U.S.). How the parts routing decision is made, what capacity is available at each SOR and what contracts between the Saudi government and U.S. government control that relation. The selected techniques are supply chain mapping, LEAN management approach and capacity planning methods. The research suggests that those techniques can help to improve the F-15 supply chain process in the Royal Saudi Air Force for several reasons. One of the most important reasons is a better work loading to different SORs which will improve the turnaround time.