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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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John O. Miller, PhD.


The purpose of this thesis is to reinforce and build upon past efforts identifying and demonstrating the need to better represent logistic capabilities and constraints within the realm of wargaming, war planning, and other analyses requiring the modeling of Air Force combat operations. We develop a framework for the porting of relevant logistic information and requirements from a reliable data source (LCOM- ATK) into a discrete event simulation environment (SIMIO), providing a simulation model for enhanced and robust analyses. The simulation we create explicitly reflects (for a selected subset of Work Unit Codes) the maintenance manpower, resources, and parts required to sustain the flying operations of a deployed unit of F-16 aircraft. This research considers two distinct scenarios with varied operational tempos over the phases of a 180 day deployment. We show that logistics can be incorporated in analyses and does have an impact on metrics and outcomes.

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Title on SF298: Modeling and Analysis of Deployed F-16 Operations and Logistics Support. Modeling and Analysis of Deployed F-16 Operations and Logistics Support