Spectrometric Oil Analysis Program Enhancements for the Argentine Air Force

Roberto H. Bertram


The Argentine Air Force continues to make a great effort to keep up to date and improve their logistics processes related to materials management. It is a permanent intention to reduce not only risks in the operation of various aerial systems, but also the direct and indirect costs associated with maintenance, in order to achieve maximum utilization of scarce resources. This thesis is sponsored by the Direction General of Material with the aim of reinforcing the importance of predictive maintenance, motivated by the daily urgencies of shortages of materials, and lack of awareness of data recorded to achieve and predict events and unfavorable conditions for the organization. With information provided by the engine user of PTA6-25, the School Technical Group of Maintenance, and the Materials Testing Laboratory, an analysis of oil sample results and testing procedures was performed to predict and/or improve the predictive maintenance system used in the Air Force.