Measuring the Nonlinear Performance of Indium Gallium Phosphide Using the Z-Scan and Intensity Variation Methods

Jacob A. Wilson

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Due to the increasing complexity of electronic and optical applications, there is a strong need for more customization of nonlinear materials. This thesis investigates the nonlinear performance on the tunable semiconductor, indium gallium phosphide. Indium gallium phosphides band-gap can be customized as it is a tunable material compared to most nonlinear materials, which have fixed band-gaps. The nonlinear characteristics of indium gallium phosphide are unknown, so the well-researched nonlinear material indium phosphide is used as a comparison. Research performed in this document demonstrates two common methods that determine the nonlinear properties of a material. These methods include the Z-scan and an intensity variation scan. Indium phosphide shows expected nonlinear behavior, which verifies the methodology used in the research. Indium gallium phosphide also shows signs of nonlinear behavior. Discussion in the report provides a comparison of the nonlinear performance of the two materials, and provides insight on future experimentation on indium gallium phosphide.