Constructing Honeypots to Defend Building Automation Systems

Caleb E. Mays


The Internet of Things and building automation technology are growing fields. Many automation networks use proprietary protocols though few works evaluate the security of these protocols. This lack of security research leaves consumers' homes and buildings vulnerable to intruders. Concurrently, Software-Defined Radios (SDRs) are experiencing significant growth. Despite this growth, research evaluating the security of building automation networks is lacking. The nation's critical infrastructure is at risk and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are getting focused research attention due to their general lack of network security and the important systems these networks control. Recent research details the development of ICS honeypots, as using honeypots is a proven method in the Information Technology (IT) environment to assist network defenders. Given the current state of cyber-security, research topics for building automation security and ICS security are converging. This research improves on previous research to improve the packet capture rate of the INSTEON protocol from almost 40 to nearly 75 and creates a honeypot to defend building automation systems.