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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Alan R. Heminger, PhD.


Previous research into new media technology usage has typically been limited to young adults ages 18-24. However this study will include age, education, overseas assignments, presence of mavenism, and information security concerns as variables impacting new media usage. For the purpose of this study, new media is defined by devices, activities, and social arrangements (Lievrouw & Livingstone, 2006). While dozens of new media technology are available, the scope of this research examined individual’s use of blogs, online social networks, and downloadable content. Data about new media was gathered through a literature review and by conducting interviews with people that are frequent users of new media technology. By conducting interviews with individuals that use new media for at least a few hours a week, in one or more different technologies, it was determined which variables impact new media users the most. This research concluded that age, education, overseas assignments, and a presence of mavenism by themselves do not have a significant effect on new media usage. However, information security concerns were shown to have a significant impact on new media usage.

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