David M. Ryer

Date of Award


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Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Operational Sciences

First Advisor

Kenneth W. Bauer, PhD.


Face recognition is an attractive biometric due to the ease in which photographs of the human face can be acquired and processed. The non-intrusive ability of many surveillance systems permits face recognition applications to be used in a myriad of environments. Despite decades of impressive research in this area, face recognition still struggles with variations in illumination, pose and expression not to mention the larger challenge of willful circumvention. The integration of supporting contextual information in a fusion hierarchy known as QUalia Exploitation of Sensor Technology (QUEST) is a novel approach for hyperspectral face recognition that results in performance advantages and a robustness not seen in leading face recognition methodologies. This research demonstrates a method for the exploitation of hyperspectral imagery and the intelligent processing of contextual layers of spatial, spectral, and temporal information. This approach illustrates the benefit of integrating spatial and spectral domains of imagery for the automatic extraction and integration of novel soft features (biometric). The establishment of the QUEST methodology for face recognition results in an engineering advantage in both performance and efficiency compared to leading and classical face recognition techniques. An interactive environment for the testing and expansion of this recognition framework is also provided.

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