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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Timothy J Pettit, PhD.


The United States Air Forces generates various waste during the repair and overhaul activities. These wastes can involve hazardous material. Depending on the material, technologies exist or could be readily developed to convert wastes into feed-stock for other processes. The old concept of managing material from cradle-to-grave now has evolved into cradle-to-cradle. This concept goes beyond the disposal of waste and can be even more cost-effective than recycling. The objective is to generate "food" by identifying and developing other processes to use current wastes in its own production processes. By shifting from waste disposal to an endless reusing model improves cost efficiency and reduces the overall environmental impact (not limited to landfill space, water consumption and carbon footprint). This research will develop a methodology to employ state-of-the-art commercial practices to analyze depot waste production processes. The goal is to identify and classify waste generated by volume, hazard, and costs, then analyze the environmental flow by comparing government and commercial users of by-products in a synergy model. Optimal solutions for current product flow will be identified, along with potential areas for investment in by-product technologies. Solutions are mutually beneficial for both parties not only economically but also from social and environmental concerns.

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