Sungtae Jung

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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

First Advisor

William Cunningham, PhD.


The objective of this research is to find a way to improve Korean Army Logistics. This is accomplished through interviewing field experts and adopting their ideas to improve it. An interview with the manager of a successful civilian company and relevant literature also gave ideas in improvement. This research is written based on interviews with the logistic officers on different branches and different units in the Korean Army. Through interview with them, this research identified 4 main problems in the current logistics system: 1) multilevel supply support system, 2) inaccurate demand management system, 3) inefficiency of procurement and transportation management, 4) the short of professionalism of logistics officers. The solutions about the identified problems are acquired by an investigation of the relevant literature, telephone interviews with Army logistics personnel and an interview with a leading private enterprise manager. Four applicable improvements ways are presented: 1) construction of central inventory management system for shortening the customer wait time, 2) simplifying the supply chain by direct purchase by users and units, 3) reducing inventory cost and increase supply rate through applying the Prime Vendor system, 4) establishing an education system and ensuring an education environment. In addition to the above identified problems and solutions, Korea Army Logistic still has other unidentified problems. These things can be identified and improvements of those can be found in different kinds of units through analyzing their situations.

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