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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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James T. Moore, PhD.


The Air Force can save thousands of dollars by reducing the number of blade hours on the CH-47 through finding an optimal mixture of CH-47s and C-130s to conduct current operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Ultimately these savings will relieve maintenance operations for the CH-47 and lengthen the lifespan of the CH-47 airframe. Moreover, incorporating C-130s into the operations will reduce cargo transit time from supply depots. This study looks at the involvement of the C-130 in CH-47 airlift operations to reduce CH-47 usage and increase supply efficiency. The research focus is narrowed to current airlift operations in Afghanistan and Iraq in the CENTCOM theater of operation. A mathematical representation of current CH-47 operations augmented with C-130s is the foundation of this research. Particularly, these operations in CENTCOM's area of operations are formulated as linear transportation problems using network mathematics. The uniqueness this research offers entails modified scenarios of the transportation problem solved as an optimization model. AMC requires additional constraints to be augmented with the basic transportation linear model that pushes this application in new areas. In addition, the uncommon layout of supply depots to the specified receiving airfields in Afghanistan and Iraq provide an altogether new kind of transportation problem.

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