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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Jeffrey A. Ogden, PhD.


The researcher undergoes a tripartite comparative analysis approach using: (1) Brazilian Acquisition Law, (2) US Federal Acquisition Regulation and (3) Selected Articles from the European Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management (1996-2010). Specifically, the primary research question is: How does the Brazilian Law 8666/93 compare to the American Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR/84)? Therefore, an in-depth assessment and analysis of the procurement systems of the United States and Brazil is executed in order to determine the different perspectives and policies adopted by these countries; and how differently each Government perceive the purchase function. An extensive literature review using selected articles from the European Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management (1996-2010) enabled the generation of 22 potential topics for comparative purposes. This research is qualitative in nature and two methods were utilized: Coding techniques and CRA (Center Resonance Analysis). A complete coding structure was developed using the Brazilian Acquisition Law as the primary basis, and two main coding structure parts were selected in an endeavor to answer the research questions. The set of analyses were facilitated through the use of the Crawdad Software, which applies text analysis techniques by representing the text as a network of essential linked concepts. Several lessons learned were collected that can be ultimately incorporated on the purchasing practices of the Brazilian acquisition system.

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