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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Joseph R. Wirthlin, PhD.


In support of senior leadership emphasis on improving early systems engineering and analysis, the Enterprise Requirements and Acquisition Model (ERAM) is a quantitative discrete-event process simulation model that accounts for activities from the identification of a desired space capability early in the JCIDS process through Milestone C of the acquisition system resulting in a probabilistic schedule distribution for a given concept. This model of the DoD's space capability development process will provide valuable decision making information for Concept Characterization and Technical Descriptions referenced during Analysis of Alternatives. The research focused on identifying activities, assigning historical triangular distributions and probabilities at each decision point. Data was collected through analysis of applicable policy, instructions, and journal articles as well as interviews with subject matter experts from the Air Staff, Air Force Space Command and the Space and Missile Systems Center. ERAM will be utilized at the Aerospace Concept Design Center providing decision-makers insight into timeline estimations and probabilities of success. ERAM has the potential to be used as a training tool for Air Staff, AFSPC and SMC personnel to better understand existing organizational interdependencies and required activities to successfully acquire a capability on schedule and within budget.

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Co-authored thesis.