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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Som R. Soni, PhD.


Aircraft are being pushed beyond their original service life, increasing the potential for structural failures. A catastrophic in flight failure of an F-15 bulkhead and severe cracking in the C-130 Wing rainbow fitting are two recent examples that have caused major problems for the Air Force. Previous Aircraft Structural Health Monitoring Systems research primarily explored using a system during the ground maintenance phase. This research will explore a Real-Time Aircraft Structural Health Monitoring System (RTASHMS) that includes a ground phase as well as an in-flight phase. The RTASHMS will continuously analyze structural hot spots, detect critical structural damage or cracks and will alert pilots and maintainers of potential trouble before a catastrophic structural failure. Current sensor technology has limited the construction and use of a reliable aircraft structural health monitoring system. This research will compare the capabilities of current sensor technology with the capabilities of a new cutting edge sensor. The new sensor shows promise in advancing a reliable RTASHMS from theory to reality. This technology was validated in Aluminum Dog Bone specimens and Composite Lap Joint with nano-adhesives.

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Co-authored thesis.