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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Peter P. Feng, PhD.


The Air Force uses the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system as a third party verification system to ensure sustainable and resource-conscious facilities. The Federal Government has implemented several mandates in recent years that require certain milestones be met for energy reduction, water conservation, renewable energy use, and so forth. This research aims to determine how the Air Force has implemented LEED through credit analysis, and to better understand why LEED is being used in this way. Using a database of 172 military construction projects, the research evaluates the frequency of credit usage individually and by category. Interviews were conducted with subject matter experts to understand why specific credits were used, based on their ease or difficulty of achievement. Also, interview subjects were asked how to better implement LEED credits in hopes of meeting federal guidelines more effectively. The most and least frequently used LEED credits were compared with the interview results. The more frequently used credits were often easier to achieve and the less frequently used credits were typically more difficult to achieve. The final recommendation is to require a stricter Air Force guideline indicating mandatory LEED credits to align with federal policies on new military construction projects.

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