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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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John M. Colombi, PhD.


Leading Indicators (LI) were introduced to the Systems Engineering (SE) community in 2005. These measures are used to evaluate the effectiveness of how a specific work activity is applied on a project in a manner that provides information about impacts that are likely to affect the system performance. The LIs are designed to give a project manager/systems engineer insight into where their development project is heading and a chance to implement corrective actions early. This research strives to apply LIs to the testing community, specifically high speed sled testing, to improve the testing process and, in turn, improve the quality of the tests conducted. The thesis captures which SE processes are emphasized, valued and used in the high speed sled test community, then identifies LI trends that are most relevant to the high speed sled test community. Lastly, two of the top LIs - requirements maturity and requirements validation - were chosen for further trend analysis. Both of the LI trends were broken down into their suggested derived measures and current project trends were compared to historical trends.

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