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Master of Science in Engineering Management


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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John J. Elshaw, PhD.


Voluntary turnover is a concern for the military and many other organizations from a financial and performance standpoint. This study applied grounded theory to code and network comments provided by CE officers in 2010. The results of this study found the most influential construct that predicts turnover intentions to be the relationship of OPSTEMPO influencing interrole conflict. This conflict is increased by the workload at home station due to under manning within CE. OPSTEMPO is an important aspect of a military member's decision to stay or leave the service because it was found to interact with a multitude of other constructs (e.g. Educational Opportunities, Workload, Job Meaning). Perceived organizational support was found to almost always be related to negative job satisfaction. This study also expanded upon the research of retention intentions and how a retention survey is conducted, especially when conducted on military personnel. The military is a unique organization in a multitude of aspects and surveys should be tailored to address the unique situations each member faces, but still be generalized enough to ask all service members.

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