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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Peter P. Feng, PhD.


The United States Air Force (USAF) needs aggressive new techniques to compliment its asset management of its real estate portfolio. Air Force officials are experiencing budget cuts that have led to degraded facility infrastructure. Two areas of operations in which there are opportunities to improve the asset management of Air Force facilities are roof maintenance and energy retrofits. Information obtained via a geospatial information systems analysis revealed that the current state of the rooftop maintenance program was deficient and supported strategic sourcing as a potential solution to the program's deficiencies. In addition, two methodologies were created to gauge the effectiveness of whole building retrofits and define a facility energy efficiency term for use in channeling efficiency upgrade dollars. Modeling efforts further supported the need for investigation into whole building retrofitting techniques. The modeling demonstrated that retrofitting could result in annual energy savings of 20% to 50% in USAF facilities. Overall, this research shows that there are areas for improvement in USAF asset management policies for roofing maintenance and facility retrofits that could result in substantial savings.

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