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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Matthew J. Robbins, PhD.


The multiattribute utility copula is an emerging form of utility function used by decision analysts to study decisions with dependent attributes. Failure to properly address attribute dependence may cause errors in selecting the optimal policy. This research examines two scenarios of interest to the modern warfighter. The first scenario employs a utility copula to determine the type, quantity, and altitude of UAVs to be sent to strike a stationary target. The second scenario employs a utility copula to examine the impact of attribute dependence on the optimal routing of UAVs in a contested operational environment when performing a search and destroy mission against a Markovian target. Routing decisions involve a tradeoff between risk of UAV exposure to the enemy and the ability to strike the target. This research informs decision makers and analysts with respect to the tactics, techniques, and procedures employed in UAV search and destroy missions. An ever increasing UAV operations tempo suggests such research becoming increasingly relevant to the warfighter.

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