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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Alan W. Johnson, PhD.


High Velocity Maintenance (HVM) seems poised to revolutionize the way the Air Force schedules and performs depot-level maintenance on its aircraft. The four tenets of HVM -- Known Condition of the Aircraft, Supportability, Daily Standard Work, and High Burn Rate -- provide the basis for the Air Force's Air Logistics Centers (ALCs) to improve the quality of planning and scheduling that goes into each aircraft's depot maintenance visit. These tenets have been implemented at Warner Robins ALC as part of the C-130 depot maintenance process. While HVM is in active implementation there, much remains to be documented on how the process works in a practical way. This research is a case study that explores the way maintenance information systems and work unit codes are used to facilitate HVM on the C-130 line at Warner Robins ALC. The research focuses on the Center's implementation of improving knowledge of each aircraft's condition prior to its induction into the depot. This is investigated through a combination of documentation analysis, archival records review, interviews, and direct observations. The research also explores how an aircraft's maintenance history is compiled and considered in the depot planning process, and the way in which information flows from field-level maintenance units to enterprise-level information systems to where they are used as part of the depot planning process.

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