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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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John O. Miller, PhD.


The Tanker Airlift Control Center (TACC) operates as the execution arm for Air Mobility Command's Global Reach mission. The Command and Control Directorate (XOC) monitors the execution of missions tasked to the 18th Air Force. Approximately 70% of the personnel on the operations floor are considered Individual Mobility Augmentees (IMA). Adjustments in manpower, specifically the loss of IMAs, at the TACC/XOCG may impact their responsiveness to mission deviations. This research develops a discrete event simulation using a combination of SME and historical data to capture the activities of a section of the personnel on the operations floor and the potential impact of a reduction in manpower. Our analysis shows a statistically significant reduction in the number of missions completed along with a statistically significant increase in the total mission deviation time with both levels of manpower reductions examined. For the two specific levels of manpower losses, we implement the concept of resource pools to complete tasks for a group of mission desks instead of specific personnel assigned to each desk. We also examine whether our reduced manning models can adequately handle the anticipated reduced post-contingency operation mission load. Once again we pool resources and still find a very heavy workload with some noticeable improvements in system performance with longer duration shifts.

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