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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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William A. Cunningham III, PhD.


Currently, no capability exists to cost-effectively simulate and measure a Joint Task Force-Port Opening (JTF-PO) operation to predict cargo throughput based on the availability of resources. The purpose of this research is to create a decision model using Arena® simulation software to provide United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) decision makers the ability to predict cargo throughput in a Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Response (HA/DR) scenario. The data used in this simulation were taken from the JTF-PO involvement in Operation UNIFIED RESPONSE, Port-au-Prince, Haiti 2010. The research uses a design of experiments approach to statistically plan and measure the throughput of cargo based on the adjustment of working and distribution maximum on ground (MOG) resources. The resulting simulation model provides decision makers the ability to allocate multiple JTF-PO resource quantities to determine potential bottlenecks in cargo throughput.

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