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Master of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Department of Operational Sciences

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Alan W. Johnson, PhD.


Ogden ALC at Hill AFB has been authorized to promote wage grade employees if they are multi-skilled, but that authorization will expire at the end of Fiscal Year 2018. Simulation research by Capt Wesley Sheppard demonstrated significant cost savings/cost avoidance if multi-skilling is pursued, but there are significant challenges to implementation. This research examined two challenges in implementation. First, how many employees can be multi-skilled and still maintain proficiency in both skills? Second, once multi-skilled, is there a technique that can be applied to easily and effectively schedule the new multi-skilled workforce. Using linear programming, staffing numbers were calculated based on current manning and a minimum time policy to ensure the multi-skilled workforce has the opportunity to perform both skills. These calculations were based on a variety of inputs, such as output per man day (OPMD), different minimum time policies, an estimated lower bound, average, and upper bound for the annual workload, etc. Scheduling theory was applied to give schedulers and front line supervisors an easy to use heuristic that can make a significant difference in the amount of time it takes to complete a set of tasks. Various scheduling heuristics were applied to give supervisors an effective way to schedule the workforce.

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