Date of Award


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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Ronald A. Coutu Jr., PhD.

Second Advisor

Michael A. Marciniak, PhD.

Third Advisor

William J. Siskaninetz, PhD.


A comprehensive study of the electroluminescence of four GaAs/AlGaAs microcavity devices with InAs/GaInAs quantum dot active regions emitting near 1.3 µm was conducted. The four molecular beam epitaxial grown samples with AlAs oxide aperture confinement layers were fabricated, characterized, and optically modeled. Optical power transmission of the samples was modeled using Matlab and compared with measured transmission data. Resonant cavity light emitting diodes (RCLEDs) and three vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) samples were fabricated and electro-optically characterized over a range of injection currents and temperatures. Devices achieved continuous wave room temperature lasing at 1.28 µm with an output power of more than 3 mW, a threshold current of 2.3 mA, and a slope efficiency of 10.3 W/A. The characteristic temperature was 49.4 K and the wall plug efficiency at was a maximum of over 36%. The minimum threshold current, 1.25 mA, was at a temperature of -10°C. The cavity resonance wavelength was tuned too short for the peak wavelength of the active region gain curve which limited the temperature at which the VCSELs produced lasing to about room temperature.

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