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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Andrew J. Terzuoli, PhD.


The magnetic pulse compression (MPC) circuit uses saturable core inductors and capacitors to compress the width of a pulse. This substantially increases the peak power of the initially applied pulse. The saturable inductor exhibits a hysteresis curve behavior. One particular problem with these MPC circuits is timing variances in the pulse rate of the system. This work models the unique characteristics and signatures of the timing variations of magnetic switches and pulse compressors. The hysteresis curve of the saturable inductor was created by using a nonlinear inductor and a nonlinear resistor in parallel as a substitute for saturable inductors. The circuit was built in MATLAB and simulations were run to determine the effectiveness of the pulse compression as well as the timing delays. A signature resembling a decaying exponential was then able to be recorded from the simulations. This shape was caused by the hysteresis curve not resetting to the initial state on the B-H plane after the first pulse is applied and it achieving a steady state at some smaller B-H curve after several pulses.

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