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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Stephen Cain, PhD.


Recently, a new type of hyperspectral imaging sensor has been proposed which simultaneously records both spectral data and multiple spatial dimensions. Unlike dispersive imaging spectrometers, chromo-tomographic hyperspectral imaging sensors (CTHIS) record two spatial dimensions as well as a spectral dimension using computed tomography (CT) techniques with only a finite number of spatially-spectrally diverse images. To date, the factors affecting resolution of these sensors have not been examined. This research examines factors affecting resolution, specifically the number of the focus planes needed to resolve a particular object calculated from a theoretical lower bound, determine a method of reconstructing a hyperspectral object in the presence of noise and background and verify the proposed method of reconstruction and the lower bound applying the proposed reconstruction method to laboratory data. Finally, a simple method is proposed and tested to use this sensor in the presence of atmospheric turbulence with a modified reconstructor to blindly estimate the seeing parameter.

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