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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Peter J. Collins, PhD.


This document addresses the need to improve the design process for creating an optimized metamaterial. In particular, two challenges are addressed: creating an electromagnetic concentrator and optimizing the design of metamaterial used to create the electromagnetic concentrator. The first challenge is addressed by developing an electromagnetic field concentrator from a design of concentric geometric shapes. The material forming the concentrator is derived from the application of transformation optics. The resulting anisotropic, spatially variant constitutive parameter tensors are then approximated with metamatieral inclusions using the combination of an AFIT rapid metamaterial design process and a design process created for rapid metamaterial production. The second challenge of optimizing the design of the metamaterial is addressed by considering factors such as circuit board selection, various sets of metamaterial cell geometry combinations, and optimization of the ratio of the widths for the concentric geometric shapes. The resulting optimized design is simulated and shown to compress and concentrate the vertical electric field component of incident plane waves. A physical device is constructed based on the simulations and tested to confirm the entire design process. Experimental data do not definitely show concentration however an optimized design process has been proven.

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