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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Jeffrey M. Hemmes, PhD.


Botnets are a threat to computer systems and users around the world. Botmasters can range from annoying spam email propagators to nefarious criminals. These criminals attempt to take down networks or web servers through distributed denial-of-service attacks, to steal corporate secrets, or to launder money from individuals or corporations. As the number and severity of successful botnet attacks rise, computer security experts need to develop better early-detection and removal techniques to protect computer networks and individual computer users from these very real threats. I will define botnets and describe some of their common purposes and current uses. Next, I will reveal some of the techniques currently used by software security professionals to combat this problem. Finally I will provide a novel defensive strategy, the White-hat Bot (WHB), with documented experiments and results that may prove useful in the defense against botnets in the future.

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